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How to choose a good children stickers book?

Tom, who is about 2 years old, is particularly fascinated by stickers. He often tears the small patterns on the stickers off and sticks them on the refrigerator or on the wall. He tears the stickers, sticks them, and tears them. He enjoys it.

In order to exercise the fine movements of his small muscles and make him have something to play with so as not to be bored, Tom’s mother began to seriously study the sticker book and wanted to choose a suitable set of Sticker Books for her child.

Sometimes it’s not that children like sabotage, but that parents don’t guide them. In fact, as long as parents are good at using teaching aids, they can give full play to their children’s energy.

Sticker book is such a teaching aid. Sticker is a great game project that can be a parent-child companion.

So, how to choose the right sticker book?

  1. See the quality of the sticker

For children, stickers should be easy to tear off with a little skill, instead of spending a lot of effort to find the torn interface. This is very important.

Babies like to do it by themselves. They enjoy the process of “tearing” and “pasting”. However, if “tearing” becomes difficult due to quality problems, it will greatly damage the baby’s self-confidence. In this way, the baby’s interest in playing stickers will disappear.

The stickers should not only be easy to tear, but also the edges of the torn stickers should be smooth and tidy without affecting the beauty of the stickers.

As a sticker book, if the two most basic requirements of “tearing” and “pasting” cannot be met, is it still necessary to exist?

  1. Pay attention to the texture of printing

The paper texture of the sticker book should feel comfortable, the picture should be clean and tidy, and the color matching should be harmonious. Taken together, the whole book should have a sense of beauty.

If you look at a sticker book that is ugly, dirty and of poor quality, you don’t want to take it home.

There are so many Sticker Books on the market, and the price difference is not big. Why not choose one with good quality?

Those ugly and dirty Sticker Books may affect children’s aesthetics. Because children’s aesthetic ability is cultivated and accumulated bit by bit in life.

  1. Focus on the substance of the sticker book

This should be the most important. Many Sticker Books are marked with “thinking training”, “left and right brain development” and “advanced mathematics”. They sound very professional, tall and eye-catching. We can’t say that they are swaggering, because their content design is really a little professional.

However, it is also easy to mislead mothers to regard it as a book for learning and education. If this is the case, they will lose their original intention of playing with the sticker book.

Therefore, when choosing the sticker book, mothers should put aside these gimmicky slogans for the time being and choose the baby’s favorite, interesting, fun and interesting sticker book. Only by satisfying the children’s play first, can the mothers’ plot succeed.

Research has proved that only in a relaxed and pleasant environment and atmosphere can the brain absorb learning like a sponge, and all children’s learning is effective. This is why play is the most important way for children to learn.

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